MTL Magazine Day!

The Brangenberg’s close out the week with MTL Magazine CEO Kirk Blank and a discussion on Kirk’s latest offering with the magazine’s Fall issue, which includes back-to-school tips, fashion pointers, music offerings, and tons more.  Jim and Martha sweeten the pot with a bevy of great on-air giveaways, and they break down the essentials of the issue in what Kirk calls the magazine’s biggest edition to date.

Biblical Investing

Today’s epiosode features Cassie Laymon, President of Beacon Wealth Consultants and author of the book discussed this afternoon: I Found Jesus in the Stock Market.  Hear Cassie’s moving testimony and the journey that found her writing the book, and you will get insight on Biblically-responsible investing; a two-part process that Cassie breaks down in manageable chunks and with some stats that may surprise you.

A Closer Look at Life Insurance

Longtime sponsor and friend of the program, Luke Andrews of Belleair Wealth Management, is back in studio to break down the importance of life insurance for you and your family, and its Biblical constructs.  To help with the discussion, Jim brings in a life insurance expert to impart some great wisdom regarding these policies from how much to get, where to get it and, most importantly, why.  Bottom line: Life insurance is more important than you may think.

The Plank In Your Eye

The Brangenberg’s continue tearing down marriage and relationship myths this Tuesday as they tackle the idea of misdirected angst towards your spouses habits when, instead, you need to focus on your own, which is easier said than done, and can be even more difficult to recognize.  Today’s show will help you with this hurdle and give you practical ways to deal with repairing your own issues so that you marriage can be closer to perfect.

Love Thy Neighbor. Every Single One.

Kathy Branzell in on a mission to bring the love of Jesus to every American, and she needs your help.  Her ambitious project, Love2020, looks to touch every person in the US with the love of Christ from another Believer by the year 2020.  Here how, and why, in what Jim calls an “earthquake in the marketplace” on today’s massive program.

Words of Advice

It’s an action-packed Radio Roundtable this Friday as Jim and Martha broadcast live from Tampa Bay with author of the book “Real Christian Businessmen”, Don Mencke, to talk about his faith journey, what brought him to write his book, and words of wisdom for the businessman.  Plus, a caller chimes in looking for advice on being mentored and becoming one.

Allen Thompson is Building Churches

Highlighted on today’s program is a Christ-follower of 75 years whose upbringing in Cuba was filled with hours of hard work building churches with his parents.  So, it’s no surprise that Allen Thompson is now the president of the International Church Planting Center, where he is currently back in Cuba building churches and deep relationships, and bringing the Truth to the Cuban nation.

Surviving Your Season Of Adversity

Do you have a Joseph calling?  Well, Os Hillman’s upcoming seminar in Atlanta is built to not only help you with recognizing this calling in your life, but also how to follow this Heavenly calling to help others.  And in today’s program, Os and his wife, Pam, talk about this calling, their Fall conference, and how to utilize this calling to help others and the Kingdom.

You (Kind Of) Complete Me

Another Together-On-Tuesday, another relationship lie debunked as Jim and Martha tackle the idea that your significant other is the only entity you need to feel complete.  Wrong!  Instead, we need to look to our heavenly father for a complete existence.  And this is not so say that our Earthly perfect spouse is a non-factor; quite the contrary, in fact.  Rather, our belief, obedience and following of Him is the needed element to feel truly complete (and having a great spouse helps).  Tune in to find out why.

Case Thorp Works4Him

This week kicks off with the ministries of Case Thorp, the Senior Associate Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, who is working hard at creating Christian fellowship in the workplace.  You’ll learn about Made To Flourish, a network of pastors integrating faith and work; and you’ll hear about his Gotham Fellowships, as well as two special guests calling in to share their testimonies from their time with Case’s ministry.

Digital Media, Motorcycles, and Testimonies

Two great testimonies on today’s Radio Roundtable as Jim and Martha invite successful business owners, Paul and Jean, to talk about their expanding businesses and how they are using their work to impact the Kingdom.  They also go in depth on their respective walks with Christ and how they each came to know Him.  Tune in for encouragement and enlightenment.

Healthcare, The Bible’s Way

Dr. Tony Dale is on a mission to bring affordable corporate healthcare to employees across the nation through his company, Sedera Health.  His plan, based on Biblical principles, results in 25%-50% savings and involves the concept of healthcare sharing.  Tune in for Dr. Dale’s vision and hear his journey from Great Britain to the great state of Texas.

Get A Job For Life

An awesome two-for on today’s program as Jim highlights the amazing ministry of Jobs For Life, which is helping equip the Christ-follower for the workplace through training and teaching focused on identity, character and community.  Plus, a special guest talks about his work in bringing the Truth to places where It is not often scene or felt.

The Coty’s Cruised Themselves To A Better Marriage

On a special edition of Together-On-Tuesday’s, Jim and Martha invite Chuck Coty and his wife, Deb – a speaker and prolific author – to talk about their experience on the Brangenberg’s annual Marriage Cruise, and they detail what that experience meant to their marriage and faith.

On Resilience

Show sponsors and friends of the program, Tom and Pam Wolf, are back this month to detail more about their life-changing study, Identity and Destiny, and today’s show focuses on the power of resilience and what it means in our faith walk.  The Wolf’s also have some inspiring advice on handling adversity and using emotion regulation and impulse control.

Meet The Competition

On a very unique Friday edition, Jim invites back longtime guests from the Nehemiah Project to help them highlight businesses from their entrepreneurship program.  Specifically, a special three businesses who happen to be the top finalists of the Project’s annual business plan competition – PLUS! – the winner will be announced during today’s program.

Katherine Leary Alsdorf Works4Him

And she could not be more busy doing some phenomenal work for The Kingdom.  Not only was she hand-picked to head the Center for Faith and Work at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York, she is also working with a brand new ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina – along with her current contributions for a handful of other faith-based initiatives.  Her journey, chronicled in today’s program, is one of drive, passion and Truth.

Fiction Author Presents The Truth

Eva Marie Everson, world-class Christian fiction author, joins the program for a wide-ranging conversation centered around Eva’s unique vision and how she is able to transcribe the brokenness she sees in the world, and translate that, with Truth, to bring healing from hurt.

Getting It Right The Second Time

Today’s Together-On-Tuesday’s edition brings noted experts on step-parenting, Laura and Steve Petherbridge, who help the Brangenberg’s unpack some ideas behind making special occasions with step-families and step-children run smoothly.  Today’s message is also one for those in their first marriage, as these lessons are ever-important for first timers, too.

Ace & Tonie Go To Jamaica

On a very special and inspirational Independence Day Edition of the program, Jim and Martha invite Salem Engineer, Ace, and his friend, Tonie, to talk about their recent short-term missions trip to Jamaica.  The two break down how the trip came together (and how it almost didn’t), what they each learned over their time on the Island, and why bringing the Truth to other countries is so important.