Fun at a Half Century

Surrounded by friends on a special Friday radio roundtable, Jim invites four lifelong buddies to reminisce on their friendship over the past decades, talk about the power of Jesus in each others lives, and give some insight on their collective past and how that’s shaping their future.



Mark Pearson Works4Him

A special Thursday edition as Jim invites longtime show sponsor and friend Mark Pearson from Nepsis Capital for a wide-ranging conversation touching on everything from Mark’s business and spiritual journey to some endeavors Jim and Mark have embarked on over the years.

Luke, Dave, the President, and You

Always appointment listening when the financial gurus from Belleair Wealth Management pop in and today is no different as Luke, Dave and Jim talk, mainly, about how the winner of the race for the White House could effect your finances, employment, business opportunities and more.

More To Life is More Than Just a Magazine

It is MTL Day in studio this afternoon as Jim and Martha have the President and CEO of More To Life Magazine, Kirk Blank, so underscore the great offerings of his magazine;  plus, Kirk talks about what inspires his work, how Jesus shapes his daily life, and how his magazine ministers to the masses.

Catching the Jesus Bug

A very special testimony on today’s program as Jim invites local business owner Dean Burnside of Good News Pest Solutions to highlight his inspiring journey to Christ, which features a very relatable story featuring love, discord, answer-seeking and, ultimately, redemption.

The Wild World of Franchising

Special guests abound in a lively Radio Roundtable as Jim and Martha invite Bob McBurney of Bayport Franchise Intermediaries to highlight the experience of being a franchisee and lay out why it may be a great fit for the aspiring entrepreneur; plus, you will hear some inspiring testimony from a couple of phone-in guests.

Trans World Radio Travels South

Friends of the program TWR are back in studio to talk about their latest endeavor, which is taking them to Cuba where they are working to spread the Truth to the Pearl of the Antilles, and their testimony features some great background and inspiring thoughts on what sparked their mission.

The Fastest Show Ever

Jim kicks it into high gear as he highlights Christian Motorsports Illustrated, which features christian athletes from a variety of different motor sporting events, and today’s show touches on everything from cars and hemis to faith and purpose.

The Divine Marriage

An inspiring message all about relationships on today’s program as Jess and Scott Rothmeyer, authors of the book “The Divine Marriage”, join the show to relay some meaningful tidbits for anyone in any kind of committed relationship: just married, re-married, almost married, thinking about marriage, or in a long term relationship.

Ed Silvoso is Transforming Our World

Today’s Monday edition features Doctor and best selling author, Ed Silvoso,  whose books have inspired your humble host on many occasions, and now Ed is embarking on a new endeavor, which focuses on connecting ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things through Jesus.

Happy Birthday iWork4Him!

The program turns the ripe old age of three this afternoon and to celebrate, Jim and Martha invite recent graduate of the Nehemiah Project’s Biblical Entrepreneurship program, Kelly Leonard, to share her testimony and talk about what she has learned about running a business with a biblical mindset.

Following Your Calling

On a very special 500th edition of the program, Jim invites contest winner and young artist Paige Murrell, whose white board story sketch on one’s calling won an award at the Institute of Faith, Work and Economics, to talk about her artistic passion, what drives her heart and mind, and her inspirational thoughts on the idea of a calling.

Faith and Work

Bill Peel represents an organization that is the epitome of what the radio show is all about: The Center for Faith and Work – and Bill joins the program to discuss the mission he is involved in, why it matters to do your work well, and the history of the special university that houses this incredible mission.

Believing in Christ within Every Circumstance

A powerful testimony on Radio Roundtable Friday as Jim and Martha invite the Kent’s on the air to share their story about their son, who was arrested and jailed for murder, and how Jesus helped their family cope and move forward.

Dan Shock is Busy

The Area Director of CBMC joins Jim in studio to talk about all the awesome things he is currently involved – from his Marketplace Ambassador events, his work with CBMC, and his participation in this year’s Prayer Breakfast; Dan Shock works constantly for Him.

Money, Personally Speaking

What is a money personality?  And which one best describes you?  You’ll learn the answers to both of these questions today as Jim and Martha break down the five money personalities, what they say about you, and and how they relate to your personal and business relationships.

Halftime in Action

Another testimony on today’s show as Jim invites Rhonda Kehlbeck from Halftime to talk about the motives and creed of the ministry, plus Rhonda introduces a current Halftime Institute pupil who details the program, why she enrolled, and how it has shaped her life.