Good Friday with Jason Greitzer

On a special edition of the program, Jim invites on a former White Dove Award winner from Southern Hospitality Landscaping to share his powerful testimony; from an early life riddled with drugs to being saved and now working 4 Him, Jason’s story is empowering and insightful.

Dale Conkel Works 4 Him

Today’s program highlights the work that Dale has done within his employment at Hewlett Packard called Enterprise Christian Fellowship, a work-centered Bible study that he has spearheaded, and he details this Christian Fellowship work ministry and its inspiration, how it’s affected the confines of his employment, and how it can do the same for your work environment.

Luke and Dave and Taxes

And other stuff, of course, as Jim brings back Luke and Dave from Belleair Wealth Management for a program touching on multiple topics: doing working for Jesus (regardless of what your work entails), retirement funding, thinking modes of investing, and a ton of great info on taxes.

Spiritual Time With Your Sweetie

A bit more recap on the amazing Marriage Cruise with Jim and Martha on this Tuesday edition, and today’s program focuses on spending some quality, spiritual time with your partner (married or otherwise) and why praying with your partner is vital to an awesome relationship.

Trans World Radio is Changing the World

Gary and Winnie Whitmore join Jim in studio to talk about their work with media conglomerate Trans World Radio (TWR) – a ministry broadcasting the Gospel to hundreds of counties in over 230 languages and dialects, and the Whitmore’s detail their amazing journey together, their work with TWR, and how you can help their cause.

A Devotional Built from Trials, Tribulations

Another fast-moving Friday roundtable as Jim and Martha bring in special guests and friends, Taiwan and Shnai Simmon, who have penned a great marriage devotional and they discuss how their devotional came to be and why your marriage should be ingrained in strong Christian values.

Your Faith and Your Workplace

The president of Kingdom Advisers joins Jim to talk about the mission of his organization and how he helps over 2300 Christian financial organizations across North America, large and small, integrate their faith into their workplace via training, advocacy and community towards the ultimate goal of using a biblical worldview to guide their financial decisions.

A Focus on the Urban Community

Jim welcomes back the Nehemiah Project’s Urban Initiative, which is a partnership whose focus is to coordinate a national collaborative strategy to serve the urban community with Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) and Kingdom Business Coaching, and today’s show is comprehensive look at the work and inspiration of the Initiative.

Marriage: Better Than You Thought

Is there good news about marriage?  No doubt about it, and in more ways than you may imagine.  And that’s the focus of today’s program, which features author Shaunti Feldhahn whose book – “The Good News About Marriage” – has some stereotype-destroying facts about marriage.



Finding Your True Purpose in Christ

Tom and Pam Wolf are back in studio to talk more about their groundbreaking study, Identity and Destiny; a study that your humble host described as “the most powerful study I’ve ever been through in my life”. And today’s show explains why.  Put simply, this program helps you find out who you are.

Award Winners, Movie Makers, and Grace

An action-packed Friday program features a slew of very special guests: Grace Ando, whose call into the radio show a few weeks ago resulted in her being a guest on today’s episode (here why in the podcast); the White Dove Service Award Winner for February; and Tim Paskert of 829 Films.

The Power of Forgiveness

Jim and Martha continue recapping their incredible marriage cruise and bring in some call-in guests to share how the retreat changed their marriage, and you’ll hear some pertinent tips on forgiveness gleaned from their session on “how and why to forgive” from this year’s cruise.

C12’s Kingdom Corner with Ross Harrop

As always, the first Friday of the month features the local C12 Chairman as guest host in highlighting area businesses and their Kingdom work, and today’s focus is on chaplaincy in your business wherein you’ll hear from Marketplace Chaplains USA and their work with local management outfit McKibbon Hotel Management.