Leaping Down the Rabbit Hole

Jim takes this leap day to wax philosophically on how this extra day, and ultimately every day, should be used to further the Kingdom in your workplace.  You’ll also hear what it truly means to be a part of the iWork4Him Nation, and what taking the Nation’s creed to heart can mean for your work life.

Be Healthy. Be Wealthy. Be Wise.

Today’s radio roundtable discussion features two special guests; Kris Hartland of PEACE Wealth Management and former NFL football player John Gilmore, who have teamed up to form the Healthy Wealthy Wise Move|Mint, which uses its wealth of resources to help you live healthy and become wealthy in a Biblically-wise fashion.  You’ll also want to hear both John’s and Kris’s unique and powerful testimony.

Finding Your True Identity

Tom Wolf joins Jim in studio to talk about his program, Identity and Destiny, which helps you find out who God made you to be.  Through his program, your God-given identity will be revealed; and through this revelation, everything about you, and around you, will be changed.

Biblical Entrenpeneurship in the City

The Nehemiah Project helps to train entrepreneurs in operating their businesses with a Christ-centered focus, and Pastor Randy from the Project join the program to talk about their new platform, The Urban Initiative, which is focused on helping businesses in the inner-city.

How to Avoid a Communication Breakdown

The Brangenbergs’ are back! Fresh from their marriage cruise, Jim and Martha share some great stories from their trip as well as highlight a few of the lessons imparted during their journey – Plus, as they do every Tuesday, they continue their discussion on how to make your marriage awesome, and today their topic focuses on communication.

Biblically-Wise Financial Advice

With Jim and Martha recouping from their marriage cruise, guest hosts Joni Rametta and Mark Clark are in studio to share about their work as qualified Kingdom Advisors and how they guide their clients’ financial decisions towards benefiting the Kingdom.

Wills. Trusts. Probates.

Luke Andrews takes a spin in the host chair and brings on guest Randy Patteson to detail compelling reasons to set up a will sooner than later,  and both gentlemen bring their knowledge and expertise to make the above legal instruments tangible and easy to understand.

Growing Your Business in 2016

Attaining (and retaining) business growth in today’s world is different than it used to be, and today’s guest hosts from the Grow The Dream Podcast, which centers around helping small business owners, break down the most current and modern methods of business growth in the day’s landscape.

The Power of Persistence

Don Hawkins is the new director of The Worship Channel, whose online ministry features Christian music, Bible teaching, and short form features, and Don joins the program to talk about the difference between hope and persistence – and how they are related.


Marriage Secret #4.5 – Healthy Conflict

Jim and Martha continue their series with Kim Kimberling’s book on today’s program as they detail how to achieve relationship happiness through conflict, how to resolve conflict in an effective and meaningful manner, and what a healthy fight strategy looks like.

Generational Christ Following

Every church houses several different generational followers within their walls, which is the focus of author Haydn Shaw’s book, Generational IQ; an exhaustively researched work that dissects the different generations viewing of Christ following, and what we can learn from their unique perspectives. [replay]

A Friday Free-For-All

An action packed program with a first time listener calling in and sharing testimony, the White Dove Award winner reveal, and authors of the book Jim and Martha are giving away on their upcoming cruise popping in studio- Of course, you’ll also hear their thoughts on this past week’s shows and what’s in store next week on the program.

Bill Wolf Works 4 Him

Local business owner of Midway Services, Bill Wolf, is in studio to talk about how his Christ-centered focus is at the heart of his business, how this focus shapes his work environment, and what it means to truly work for Him, which he has been doing since day one – and it hasn’t always been easy.

A Midlife Crisis without the Crisis

Fans of the show know what The Halftime Institute means to Jim, and today, Dean Niewolny, President and CEO of The Halftime Institute, joins the program to talk about his ministry while Jim relays the impact Halftime has made on his life.

The Value of Business Accountability

Kelly Talamo helps business owners widen their scope to see things that may be masked due to their current perspective being drowned by proximity, and he’s on the show today to explain how his program can help your business thrive and grow towards the future.



C12’s Kingdom Corner

C12 area chairman Ross Harrop and the start of a new radio tradition as Ross hops into the host chair the first Friday of every month to highlight local C12 members.  Today features the owner of H2insight, which works to build proactive customer engagement and loyalty solutions.

Bringing Them to the Truth

In a wide-ranging conversation that you will not want to miss, Jim talks with “Dan” and Nasser”, who felt compelled to use pseudonyms to protect themselves, and detail their work with Tampa Muslim Outreach, which teaches the Truth to those of the Muslim faith.

The 210 Project

Who did God create you to be and what does He want you to do?  These massive questions are explored through Dan Ankenbrandt’s ministry, which focuses on figuring out your place in God’s tapestry.  Dan also shares the inspiration behind the project and the profound affect it’s had on him and others.