Your God-Given Purpose

Who did God create you to be?  This question is answered through Tom and Pam Wolf’s ministry, Identity and Destiny, who are in studio today to talk about their ministry’s vision, and you’ll hear why Jim things this program is one that every Christ follower should complete.

Luke and Dave and Dan

A trio of titans from the marketplace, Luke and Dave from Belleair Wealth Management, and Dave Shock from CBMC, join Jim to talk about avoiding the herding mentality when it comes to investing and detail Dan’s upcoming marketplace ambassador event.

Marriage Secret #3 – Be Present and Listen

Jim and Martha continue breaking down the ideas in Kim Kimberling’s book, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage, with a wide-ranging discussion on how to effectively connect with your spouse and how just five minutes can set the tone for communication.

Thinking Biblically About Inheriting

Author, speaker and founding director of Kingdom Advisers, Ron Blue, joins the program to talk the usage of Biblically-based principles in guiding your financial decisions and the importance of using these principles with your inheritance.

Andrea is in the House

Jim and Martha bring with them special guest and friend, Andrea Columber, to share about her upcoming nuptials and how Christ is impacting her engagement, plus the trio discuss what they learned from this week’s shows and how those lessons affect their daily lives.

Lewis and Clark and Church Leadership

Author Tod Bolsinger joins the program to expand on his book, Canoeing the Mountains, inspired by the journey of Lewis and Clark, and challenges the Church to shift its paradigm to reshape the look of Church leadership.

Marriage Secret # 2 – God First, Spouse Second

Jim and Martha describe three ways to help you in keeping Christ first and your spouse second –  a practice that will ensure your marriage, and by extension your myriad other relationships, is strong and fulfilled and the best it can be.

Saving Men, Making Warriors

Brian Zaas with The Dream Center Metro joins Jim along with the Director of the ministry and a gentleman who’s just begun his journey with their ministry, which teaches The Word to bring men from the depths of any despair towards becoming solid, strong disciples of Christ.


What We Learned

Another Friday show has Jim and Martha highlighting the lessons gleaned from the past week’s shows, plus a very special spotlight via the White Dove Service Award and how you can be a part of this distinction, and hear what’s happening next week with the radio show.

All About The Bible Museum

Michael McAfee joins the show to about the upcoming Bible Museum, coming 2017 to Washington D.C., and details the inner workings of making this monumental museum a reality, and why a trip to this museum could be the most important trip you can take for your faith.


A Fresh Look at Your Workplace

Retrospective resolutions continue on the program as Jim brings back Ross Harrop of C12-Tampa Bay to discuss Christ-centered goals for the workplace and how to minister within the walls of your employment, plus hear personal achievements both gentlemen “achieved” in 2016.

Make Your Marriage New Again

Jim and Martha have a ton of fun in studio today as they talk about how to make the most of your marriage this new year with some ways to look at your relationship with your spouse a bit differently, and why it’s so important to have a strong, healthy and vibrant marriage.

Your Religious Rights in the Workplace

The first week of the new year has Jim with Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute to delve into the legalities of Christ fellowship and ministering in your workplace with some added insight on what Brad’s institute has accomplished.