Know Your Roles

The Brangenbergs have Jeff and Sue Wilson, Jim’s sister and brother-in-law, in studio to talk about the different roles men and women encase from their work life to the home life, and how to successfully navigate the transition from one to the other.

Truth’s Power from Your Pocket

Laurie Hoffman from The Pocket Testament League is back to delve deep into what her program is all about.  Plus, some folks who have been influenced by Laurie’s work, including Jim’s father-in-law, join to share their Pocket Testament League testimony.

The Brangenbergs and The Brangenbergs

Jim and Martha welcome John and Marie Brangenerg, Jim’s parents, on the show today for a fun-filled hour of insight on Jim, how his parents have shaped his faith, and the secrets to their long-lasting, love-filled, and Christ-centered marriage.

Spark the Way

Madison Miller joins the program to talk about her ministry that works with young adults affected by cancer.  Herself a cancer survivor, Madison’s story is one of transcendence, and one that all who have ever felt the damage cancer can cause will be able to relate.

The Biblical Entrepreneur

The Nehemiah Project is the brainchild of Patrice Tsague, whose story of being saved to creating this Biblically-based business program is eloquently lain out in today’s show, and Patrice’s program gives Christ-following entrepreneurs the tools to build their business to glorify the Lord.

Tim Paskert of Mark 8:29 Films

From a life of atheism to making movies glorifying the Lord, Tim shares his incredible story of becoming a Christ-follower and what it’s done to his vision and inspiration.  You’ll also hear about his latest work, plus a special guest opens the show with Jim to talk about his recent talk with the Christian Chamber of Commerce – Tampa Bay.

Generational Christ Following

Every church houses several different generational followers within their walls, which is the focus of author Haydn Shaw’s book, Generational IQ; an exhaustively researched work that dissects the different generations viewing of Christ following, and what we can learn from their unique perspectives.

Radio Roundtable: The Taxeman Cometh

Tax planning doesn’t have to be taxing, and it certainly won’t be with tax professional Cheryl Coloney in your financial corner.  Cheryl manages the tax planning for the Brangenberg’s, and joins the roundtable today to talk about Christ-centered tax plans and strategies.

Halftime in Real Life

Jim has highlighted the book “Halftime” during segments and shows before, but today’s program spotlights the life-changing affect it’s had on Doug Piper, whose paradigm was completely shifted after being introduced to the book, but not before doing a bit of intensive research of his own.

Learning to Share The Message Anywhere, Anytime

Word of Life Bible Institute Professor, Marshall Wicks, discusses his teaching of students towards becoming graduates with a profound knowledge of Christ and His work, and how these graduates are also taught the skills to teach the Truth to others.

How to Make Your Marriage Awesome – Pt I

The latest rendition of Together on Tuesday’s features some excellent advice from the book “7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage”, and explores how certain aspects of work life could be hindering your marriage life, and you’ll also hear details on some of the great give-aways planned over the next few weeks.

On Being an Executive Pastor

Today’s program takes a look at the inner workings of the pastoral profession and details the complex decisions that pastors struggle with in the the modern church.   And Jim’s guest, David Fletcher of xPastor, is working to equip the modern pastor with the tools to triumph.