A Technological Path

Lee Martin is at the forefront of using the web for spreading the Gospel  to the world via hundreds of websites in 26 languages that his company, Global Mission Outreach, operates.  His services help millions of people hear the Truth and his story is absolutely amazing.

Dimas Salaberrios – “Street God”

Today’s show is packed with great anecdotes from Dimas’ new book, Street God, about his incredible redemption from dealing drugs as an eleven-year-old, to being saved through Christ.  His testimony is inspirational and insightful.  Listen. [replay]

The Doctor is In

Dr. Emerson Eggerich, author of Love and Respect, joins today’s show to talk about the inspiration behind his groundbreaking work.  The Doc also sheds light on how to recognize subtle nuances in your marriage that could be breaking it apart, and how to work with those differences for a stronger marriage. [replay]

Together on Tuesdays: Remaining Undefeated

Jim and Martha explore 12 steps the enemy takes to defeating Christ-followers while Jim patents a terms for those who fall into those traps, and you’ll also hear how to combat these fronts to conquer and rise above.

Luke and Dave and Self-Directed Investing

The gents from Bellair Wealth Management are back to talk investing in a smart, Biblically based manner.  The also explain why you should allow experts to guide your financial decisions, and you’ll hear Luke expand on the two-brain theory.

Radio Roundtable with MTL Magazine

A special Friday program highlighting new book sponsor, More To Life Magazine, as the president of the company joins Jim in sharing the vision of this Christ-centered publication focusing on myriad topics and issues.

Music and All That Jazz

Today’s special edition of iWork4Him brings in musicians who will be showcasing their incredible playing abilities at this year’s Suncoast Jazz Classic.  Listen as they share how Christ has shaped their musicianship, and hear cuts from their work.

A Conversation with a Ghost Writer

Eli Gonzalez has been the pen behind many individual stories by using his gift to translate one’s ideas to published works.  He opens up on his unique insight on how you, too, can share your story via bound manuscript, and why each and every story we all have is important to share.

Working on Contentment

Today’s Together on Tuesdays with Jim and Martha focuses on recognizing the roots of discontentment and remaining away from them, and solutions in creating contentment in your personal life, relationships, and the workplace.

From Building Wells to Building Churches

On the program today are Martin Newbie and Peter Swanson of LoveServes International, whose purpose is to bring the Love of Christ to the people of the Dominican Republic.  A truly inspiring story of humble beginnings resulting in the service of needs for Believers in the region, this message is of hope and humanity.


Gregg Vorbeck’s Golden Voice

The radio roundtable has a special guest today when the Brangenberg’s invite their friend with an amazing voice to share how Christ has shaped his life.  Plus, you’ll also hear why Friday the 13’s are so meaningful to Jim.

On Leaders and Managers

In-studio guest Jeff Ruby of Red Rock Leadership is back to talk about the subtle yet vast difference between managing and leadership.  Jeff also relays the importance, and difficulties, of hiring a staff vs building a team.

At Work On Purpose

Chuck Proudfit joins the show to share his journey as a consumer product manager on the “squat” team for a toilet paper product with Procter and Gamble that grew to a decade in corporate America and then his own consulate agency once we became a Christ follower, which sparked the inspiration for his current project that focuses on creating market place missionaries.

Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti

More relationship advice from the Brangenberg’s as they underscore some great advice from a book by Bill and Pam Farrel that explains the thought processes of men and women and how men process information much differently than women.

Building People More Than Products

Today’s show features Christian media magnate Don Hawkins sharing his vast experience and unique insight over a variety of topics from stress in the workplace to effective, Christ-centered business leadership.

Radio Roundtable: Steven Khoury

Today’s roundtable discussion centers around the incredible story of a Palestinian Christ-follower who pastors a church in Bethlehem, and the trials of practicing Christianity in the Holy Land.  He also breaks down the initiative of his current mission of finding property in Jerusalem to house the myriad followers who have no place to worship.

Making Your Capital Work for You

Long-time friend and owner of Nepsis Capital, Mark Pearson, joins Jim to talk about their personal and business relationship, how Mark works to keep Christ at the center of his investment decisions, and how that financial paradigm is imperative for financial success.

Solving Food Deserts in the Inner City

Matthew Trogdon of Bonton Farms joins Jim to share how he’s solving the issue of food deserts in inner cities.  What’s a food desert?  Tune in to find out, but chances are good that there’s one near you.  And Matthew is changing that landscape with his incredible ministry.

Together on Tuesdays: More Things for a Great Marriage

Jim and Martha continue where they left off last week in their discussion of the top 25 ways to keep your marriage great and vibrant, and explain why a solid marriage is important for a healthy business environment.