Radio Roundtable: The Week That Was

Jim and Martha recap the meaningful lessons learned over the past week’s shows, what they mean to your work life, and how they can be utilized to bring Christ into your work environment.  You’ll also hear from listeners about how Christ is moving them in their workplaces.

Right Now Media @ Work

Jim brings on Brian Mosely of Right Now Media to share his new endeavor with his company: Right Now Media at Work, which gives Christ-following business owners the tools to care for their team, develop their leaders, and be Christ in their workplace via  Biblically-based multimedia.

Getting to Know Bob Rohrlack

The CEO and President of The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce is in studio today to talk about the state of the Chamber and what they have planned for the area, and how he came to be the President of the Chamber and what he’s learned throughout that journey.

Natural Abilities vs Spiritual Gifts

Critically acclaimed author Darren Shearer shares the inspiration behind his new book, The Marketplace Christian, and gives some real world examples of Christ-following in the workplace.   He also breaks down the differences between your natural abilities and Spiritual gifts, and how to use those gifts in the workplace.

Craig Most Shares from the Heart

Friend of the show and owner of Most Insurance, Craig Most, shares a personal story of how the Gospel brought his family from tragedy, and what can be done to protect you and your family from financial distress during instances of tragedy.

Pam and Mac Tennant Talk Reverse Mortgages

With over a decade experience in reverse mortgages and ministering to retired couples, the Tennant’s share some real life examples on why this process could be right for you.  Also hears their stories from several of their short term mission trips.

Radio Roundtable: Lessons in Action

Jim and Martha share their favorite parts from this past week’s programs and underscore some terrific advice their guests have for bringing Jesus into your workplace. Plus, a special guest who’s slated to highlight the upcoming God at Work Forum calls into the show for some insightful commentary on his business.

Jeff Ruby is Building a Church

Jeff Ruby of Red Rock Leadership shares stories from his ongoing mission to build a church in Paraguay with some intimate details on his incredible journey and what exactly it takes to educate a different culture on the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Bill and Jim’s Excellent Adventure

Jim welcomes the esteemed Bill Bunkley for an hour of candid conversation over wide ranging topics.  A fun and insightful 60 minutes that goes in depth and personal.  Bill closes the show with some solid advice for bringing Christ into the workplace.  Tune in.

On Ministering to Step Families

Author and speaker Laura Petherbridge shares the harrowing story of surviving her parents’ divorce, and her own, and how she used the Word to persevere.  She also lays out ways counteract the converse effects of divorce and why step-family ministries are so important in the church.



Radio Roundtable: What You Missed

If you missed any show this past week, then tune in for some highlights.  You’ll also hear how one listener’s faith is shaping their workplace, what Jim and Martha think was their most fun and enlightening conversation on the radio, and who is a perfect fit for their upcoming “Cruise Your Way to a Better Marriage”.

Advantageous Christ Following in the Workplace

Do Christ followers have an advantage over their non-Christ following business counterparts?  Dr Jim Harris believes so, and lays out why in his new book – Our Unfair Advantage – and talks on the show today about how, and why, the Holy Spirit should be a part of your everyday work life.

All About Kingdom Advisers

Hosts of “Journeys with Joni and Mark” join the program to discuss their  organization – Kingdom Advisers – which guides financial planners of every type to bring Christ into their workplace.  And don’t think that this show is only for financial planners; Joni and Mark share how their message can cross over to all workplaces.

Together on Tuesdays: The Love and Respect Finale

The Doctor is in!  Dr. Emerson Eggerich, author of the critically acclaimed book that Jim and Martha have been dissecting over the past few weeks, Love and Respect, joins today’s show to talk about the inspiration behind his groundbreaking work.  The Doc also sheds light how to recognize subtle nuances in your marriage that could be breaking it apart, and how to work with those differences for a stronger marriage.