Marriage and Business Pt. II

The conclusion of the iWork4Him series surrounding marital and workplace balance with the Brangenberg’s and 2B1 Ministries, and today’s program focuses on why a shaky marriage can have dire effects on your business life, and how to counter the most common issues troubling marriages today.



Marriage and Business Pt. I

The first of a two part series with the folks from 2-B-1 Marriage ministries that tackles the idea of effectively balancing work and martial responsibilities, and today’s program focuses on why this balance is so important, how taking care of your marriage will pay dividends in your business, and some real-world advice on creating this harmony.

What Is Your Identity in Christ?

It’s a massive question whose answer is life changing, and that is just what Tom and Pam Wolf are looking to do:  helping to define our role in The Kingdom so that we can be better equipped to help and witness others.  The Wolf’s Biblically-based study, Identity and Destiny, has changed thousands of lives, and they detail how in today’s program.

Business, His Way

Jim welcomes a trio of local business titans on today’s program for a business roundtable, picking the brains of three successful businessmen and finding out their thoughts on Christ following in the workplace, and getting some great advice for practical testimony in the cubicle.

Moldy Christian Money

Bob Collins with the National Christian Foundation joins Jim in studio for a show that sheds light on the massive amount of unused money collecting dust that could be used for Kingdom work.   Instead, it sits and waits.  Today’s shows will help change that, and help you manage your giving.