Jim Gets Interviewed

The tables get turned on today’s program as Jim invites friends of the show Ross Harrop of The C12 Group and Robert Smith with St John’s Hearing Institute to sit in the host chair to lob questions at both Jim and Martha for 60 minutes in a wide-ranging conversation about religion and calling, workplace ministry, and some Brangenberg history.

John and Amy Give Away Bibles

Owners and operators of Sunline Caster and Wheels, John and Amy, are in studio today to talk about how they interact with customers regarding the Word by doling out free Bibles to spark conversation.  Their example of Truth telling is inspiring, uplifting and, ultimately, very important.

Jesus-Minded Healthcare

Joe Murray is helping equip the Christ-following, future healthcare professional with the knowledge and training to be a Beacon in their workplace after graduation through his outfit, Christian International College, where their curriculum is faith based and teaching is guided by Truth.