Core Values at Work

Lisa Huetteman joins Jim to talk about her book, The Value of Core Values, and breaks down the values needed for healthy living and working, and why there are so important to our daily lifestyles.  Also, Rose Averill of the St Francis Sleep Institute is in studio as a special guest to talk about how the book’s message has impacted her and her business.

Two Men Doing Big Kingdom Work

Joining the program in studio today are Jay Lippy of Life Work Leadership and Eric Most of Most Insurance, and their individual testimonies are powerful and insightful.  And these two men are using their talents to impact souls across Tampa Bay; Jay via his leadership program, and Eric through witnessing to his clientele.

Silver Screen Salavation

With in-studio guests and call-in interviews, today’s program is teeming with insight by way of several experts on the Christian film industry, each relaying their unique insiders perspective on the direction of the industry, its importance for The Kingdom, and their upcoming projects.

Love and Respect

World-renowned author and marriage expert, Dr Emerson Eggerich, joins the show to talk about his marriage-buttressing work, Love and Respect, with Jim opening up about how the work changed his perspective.  Dr Eggerich also gives a sneak peak on his upcoming marriage retreat.