All About The Chamber

A cadre from the esteemed Christian Chamber of Commerce – Tampa Bay ( join the program in studio today as Jim highlights the great Kingdom work of the Chamber with its CEO, Executive Board Member, and Web Master, who each open up about their individual roles as well as detail how the Chamber is affecting the lives of many across the Bay.

LIVE @ The Plantation

Jim takes the iWork4Him rodeo on the road today as he broadcasts live from Crystal River and talks with author and speaker, Dr Jim Harris, about his new book and what the Doctor hopes the book will bring to its readers.  Dr Harris also opens up about his faith walk and how Jesus is working in his life today.

Mortgages, Real Estate, and The Kingdom

Luke Andrews and Melody Hunter join Jim in studio to talk about how they are making a Kingdom impact in their respective employment arenas with their customer bases (Luke in mortgages; Melody in the real estate market), and they both give an update on the markets in their areas.  Each, too, give their inspiring testimony on how they came to Christ.