Hiring and Firing in a Christ-like Manner: Part Two

A continuation on the discussion that looks to define how to hire and fire with a Christ-centered focus as today’s program has Jim flying solo with no guests and, instead, giving his unique take on how to manage the unfortunate task of laying off employees as a true Christ follower.

Using Your Business as Your Mission Field

A trio of gentlemen join Jim in studio today in talking about how to view your workplace as your mission field, and how to act accordingly, and each guest shares their testimony of using their respective business positions to further the Kingdom.

iWork4Him, Manifested

Ross Harrop of C12 Tampa Bay joins Jim in studio to talk about the partnership between Ross’s organization and Jim’s radio show called Business His Way, a¬†monthly mentoring study that provides Christ following business leaders with valuable resources for realizing and fulfilling their calling in their workplace.

Your Marriage and Your Workplace

Martha is in studio today to talk with Jim about the impact your marriage can have on your work environment, the importance of a strong marital foundation for a thriving work-life, and the warning signs of a combustible marriage (and how how to combat these signs).

The Outreach of Reach Global

Jim Wilson and Dan Jenkins of Reach Global join Jim today to talk about the focus of their respective overseas missions; pastoral training centers and discipleship through business, and each guest shares their unique journey that brought them to Christ and their current mission.