Highlighting Now SC Press

We closed out the workweek with the pleasure of welcoming back  Liza Marie Garcia and her team at Now SC Press. We interviewed powerful women of God,  Lucy Kyllonen and Lena Meadowcroft, about their new book, “The Seed Was Always There”.  Grab an insiders look at the writing process here.

A Guide to Biblically Investing

The boys from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke and Dave, were back again with Jim to talk money and finances and…well, everything else. Luke and Dave have been working on an idea that we think will encourage you and challenge you to look at the Bible and investing from a whole new angle.

A Historical Perspective

We got an in-depth look at the history of the Faith and Work Movement with Michael Austin of the Christian History Institute Magazine.  He gave us a great perspective on the Movement’s 2000 year history.  2000 years!!  Tune in and get an enlightening view in this podcast.


We had a profound discussion today with Deborah Tilden about abortion.  Specifically, SMART – Science Matters in Abortion Related Trauma.  She broke down the two goals of her mission; offering a clear message and dialog, and adding to the healthcare plank in the platform.  Tune in for some truth.

Another Faith and Work Leader in Dallas

More from the Lone Star State as Jim and Martha met back up with our friend, Bill Peel, to chat with Gil Sheehan. the co-founder and owner of Dallas’ “Barrington Gifts”.  The trio dug deep on the idea of ‘Business as Mission’, and Gil told his story of how God led them to build a factory in China for their products – and what all they learned during that endeavor.

Faith and Work in Dallas

It was Jim and Martha back with our friend, Bill Peel,  who introduced our radio audience to Blake Schwarz, the Director of PCPC@Work at Park Cities Pres. Church as well as their fellows program.  Church leadership at PCPC sees the need to disciple it’s members about their faith in the workplace and Blake gets to help make that happen.  Tune in to hear the Revolution!

Faith and Work Leadership in Dallas

Bill Peel was back with Jim and Martha to introduce yet another Dallas-area Marketplace Leader who’s leading with a heart for Him – Pat Hamner.  Pat teaches college classes adjunct and mentors the entrepreneurs.  His understanding of biblical leadership is helping to shape the next generation.  Learn all about it in this podcast!

More Marketplace Leadership in Dallas

Jim and Martha were back with our friend, Bill Peel, for another introduction to an area Marketplace Leader who works4Him: the Founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group, Erin Botsford, who shared how she learned from Bill to plant “Faith Flags” with each encounter, rather than believing she has to complete the faith transaction with every person.

Faith and Work Leadership in the Lone Star State

Jim and Martha brought on our great friend, Bill Peel, along with “America’s Family Manager” according to Oprah (!!!) – his wife – Kathy!  Mrs. Peel realized as a young mom that she didn’t know how to have a biblical home or raise children from a biblical perspective.  After researching and making many notes she determined that a home needs to be managed just like a business. Her fun perspective and common sense help us to understand the workplace of “Home”.

Making Your Workplace Your Mission Field

More from Dallas as Jim and Martha had an in-depth chat with Bill Byrd and Bill Peel on how to view your workplace as your mission field.  We talked to the serial entrepreneur and author, Bill Byrd, who relayed that he can’t imagine that God would not want to be involved in the 8-12 hours a day we spend at work – and neither can we…!  Over the years, he has learned several habits of winning as leaders, and he wrote about them in his book,  “Sweet Success”.  Grab all these nuggets – and more – in this podcast!

A Minnesota Power Couple

Still more from our time in MN as Jim and Martha brought in a great couple from the area – Mark and Cheri Spatenka – and give this amazing due of God a chance to highlight their faith stories; both as individuals and their walk together.  Tune in for some great inspirations from the Gopher State!

Another Introduction from Tony Dale

We took a break from out Minnesota shenanigans for another stop in Austin, Tx to chat with our good friend – and leader of Sedear Health – Tony Dale.   As is the case with our monthly visits with Tony, he introduced yet another area business leader who works4Him.  Ladies and gents, please meet and learn more about:  Mike Bescheret of Capitol City Janitorial.

A Place to Learn about Living4Him

Still in Minnesota?  You betcha! This time for a collegiate edition as we brought in Dr Alan Cureton, the president of University of Northwestern – St Paul.  Tune in to learn how this UNIV is preparing students for God-honoring leadership in the workplace, community, and home.

Pickin’ and Grinnin’

More from Minnesota today; this time, in  Lake Itasca and a chat with Ken and Becky Berge to highlight the 13th Annual Lake Itasca Family Music Festival.  Tune in to hear how it all comes together when relationships are the focus and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the center.

The Johnsons and CNT

Jim and Martha brought in Ken and Ardie Johnson, to showcase their hearts4Him and spotlight their mission, Christian Network Teams (CNT), which looks to enhance the spiritual and professional development of today’s business leaders by facilitating an environment where practical business applications are combined with solid biblical values.

More from Tribal Rescue

It was a packed house on a Monday-edition of the program as we continued our series of broadcasts from Minnesota.  Today, Jim brought in Bill Haas. Craig Smith and the good Dr. Ryan O’Leary to carry on the discussion of highlighting the ministry of Tribal Rescue Ministries.


We had the chance to talk with author John Turnipseed about his enthralling book, “Bloodline”, which traces his idyllic life with a loving, extended family in 1960′s Alabama, to finding himself in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a father he no longer recognized.  It’s a poignant and important read – hear about it from the man himself.

Go Fish!

Rob Watlov was our focus this afternoon as we spent another day in the great state of Minnesota; today, highlighting Rob’s Ministry, “Legacy Fishing Retreat”, a Christian Ministry operated by seasoned fishermen who thoroughly enjoy sharing the passion for God’s great outdoors and sharing the Passion for our Lord Jesus Christ with others.  Pack up and listen!

Marriage Savers

Some more from out time in Minnesota as Jim and Martha for a “Together-on-Tuesday’s” Edition brought in Scott and Jess Rothmeyer with Divine Revelations Counseling.  Tune in to this podcast for some solid marriage and relationship advice from two dynamic, married duos.