Apartments as MISSION FIELDS?! That’s exactly where Sean Bailey and company are operating with their organization, Apartment Life, which is bringing Jesus to this living space; one unit at a time.

Featured Guests: Sean Bailey
Ministry/Workplace: I Like Giving

The Master’s Program for Women

55% of the workforce today is made up of Women. 36% of the population of the United States of America proclaim to be Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ.  That means almost 33 million working women who follow Jesus.  Where do they go for specific discipleship in connecting their faith to their work and living out their calling in their workplace?  There are more and more ministries popping up around the United States specifically focused on the unique needs of the Christian Working Woman. Today we head off to Charlotte NC to talk with Nadya Dickson, National and International Director of The Master’s Program for Women, online at www.TheMastersProgramforWomen.org

Nadya Dickson came from a loving home but it wasn’t until her time at University that she met Jesus.  Over the years she has learned that “practice makes progress”.  This eventually led her to participate in The Masters Program for Women.  During her time of participation as a student in her cohort she was able to write her life mission statement.  She was surprised to discover that helping women was a part of that mission.  She usually found herself resisting women centered activities, especially in her home where she is the only female.  Her mission statement begins “To unleash women to walk in fullness of Christ….”  Wow, what a statement.  After participating as a student, she became a coach and is now the National and International Director for The Masters Program for Women. 

Their 3-year program has a total of 12 full day sessions with a 12-woman cohort, and several individual coaching opportunities to really learn from The Master and create a life mission.  You can find out all of the details at www.themastersprogramforwomen.org . Nadya shared about the opportunity for listeners to attend a 1-hour briefing to decide if this might be your next steps in growth. 

Nadya told us a story about a graduate who has created www.Fashionandcompassion.com and is continuing to help other women grow through this opportunity.  TMPW is idea for women in leadership that want to steward their influence, understand their calling or in a place of preparing or entering transition. 


Hear about a couple who blend spices for God. Hear how they operate a business as a “biznistry”(business as ministry) who are bringing taste and innovation to food – all with a healthy pinch of Redemption and Truth.

Featured Guests: Dan Anderson. Tom and Kristie Cotter
Ministry/Workplace: Custom BlendingKingdom Way Ministries

31 Decrees Of Blessing

In 1994 Os Hillman was thrust into the toughest 7 years of his life as everything around him started to crumble. Fast forward 27 years later and Os hillman is one of the patriarchs of the Faith and Work Movement where millions are impacted with the knowledge that their work matters to God and their workplace is a mission field and that their daily witness ( in actions and words) is the key to reaching a lost and hopeless nation with the miraculous hopeful Salvation and Lordship of Jesus Christ. Os Hillman is a man who has poured his blood into a movement to make sure you and I know that God doesn’t make mistakes and that your work matters to Him.  Os has so many resources that can help equip you to live out your faith at work. Online at www.MarketplaceLeaders.org. Os is here today to introduce his latest book and the latest on the movement we call the Faith and work movement.

Scripture is full of promised from God that are called covenant promises.  Os Hillman has made a collection of 31 categories of covenant promised for us to decree and claim for our work!  How exciting is that?  Os knows that there is power in speaking Gods word and this book helps us do just that.  Check out www.31decrees.com and watch a free video teaching to learn more from Os about biblical decrees and how we can apply them in our work life.


BOOK GIVEAWAY!  Call 866-713-9675 to win a copy of Os Hillmans book 31 Decrees of Blessing for your work life!


Discover the economics of “Relationomics”.  What happens when we put the customer and the stockholder first? Miserable employees. Dr. Randy Ross advocates ANOTHER WAY.

Featured Guest: Dr. Randy Ross
Ministry/Workplace: Dr. Randy Ross

Helping Christian Working Women Connect Their Faith To Their Work

55% of the workforce today is made up of Women. 36% of the population of the United States of America proclaim to be Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ.  That means almost 33 million working women who follow Jesus.  Many of the Christian Working Women ministries we have found are Business Owner and Leader focused. Where does the everyday Christian Working Woman go for discipleship in connecting their faith to their work and living out their calling in their workplace?  We love highlighting ministries specifically focused on the unique needs of the Christian Working Woman. Today we head off to Cincinnati, OH to talk with Kathy Book, Founder of Women in the Marketplace and Catherine Gates, executive director of Women in the Marketplace, online at www.WomeninMarketplace.net.

Kathy Book is the founder of an organization called Women in the Marketplace.  It was started out of her own need to connect her faith to her work and have other women walk alongside her in the process.  At the first of the year Kathy handed over the reigns to the new Executive Director – Catherine Gates.  Catherine has had a passion for helping Christian working women and equipping them in their work with the confidence they need in Christ. 

Catherine noted that her last 8 years as a part of Workmatters showed her that women are stymied by their preconceived notions about connecting their faith at work and also the fear of the repercussions for being a believer.  Women are looking for role models to show them what it looks like to be an authentic Christian at work.  The best way to share these role models is through story. 

Women in the Marketplace has a bible study called “Unleashed” and Catherine recently released her book “The Confidence Cornerstone”.  You can call the listener line at 866-713-9675 (866-713-WORK) to win a copy of these 2 books. 

The goal of WIM is to build community and provide resources, like the study Unleashed and book The Confidence Cornerstone to help equip women to live out their faith at work. 

On March 18, 2021, Women in the Marketplace will be hosting an event that is “obsessively inclusive” for all women in the marketplace.  Their events page has details for this CONNECT event as well as their prayer calls on Monday and Wednesday:  https://www.womeninmarketplace.net/events-1 .

To learn more about how you can get involved in WIM or start a chapter in your city – reach out to CatherineGates@WomeninMarketplace.net .

Remember to call 866-713-WORK to win a copy of the books provided by WIM.


Discover the economics of “relationomics”. What happens when we put the customer and the stockholder first? Miserable employees. Dr. Randy Ross advocates ANOTHER WAY.

Featured Guest: Dr. Randy Ross
Ministry/Workplace: Dr. Randy Ross

Hope 4 Kids – Christian Charity Transforming The Community

As we travel the country and gather stories from all 50 states, rarely do we circle back and gather stories from our home territory of Ft. Myers Florida.  Just recently, The National Christian Foundation in SW FL held a Launch party for Naples/Ft. Myers and we had the opportunity to meet and hear from an amazing ministry in our backyard. Hope 4 kids FW FL.  Jeannie Gawronski is the director and her story is nothing short of miraculous. God placed her in this work with a calling to help Foster Families and kids in the foster system in ways that can only be described as Christian Charity transforming the community.

Jeannie Gawronski grew up in a Christian home but it wasn’t until the night she held her first born child in her arms that she told God she wanted to “do this right” and have Him guide her life.  And guiding it He is.  She is the director at Hope4Kids in SW Florida, where there are currently over 2200 kids in foster care in the 5 county area. 

Jeannie wasn’t sure how God would use her faith in her role at Hope4Kids but very early on they had a client in crisis.  All Jeannie could think to ask her was “Where is God in this for you?”  The client didn’t know but said she figured that Jeannie and her staff must know and they would help her.  She was hooked and from then on her goal has been to make sure that people don’t get a can of corn and be heading to hell, but rather make sure they know they are loved and about the love of Jesus.  This is Jeannie’s work and she cares about the souls of those she works with and helps.  Jeannie sees her workplace as her mission field and wants to encourage others to do the same.

Hope4Kids has a thrift store to sell your unused items to raise money to get this items that the foster families need.  You can look for the foster family support groups in your own area to find an organization similar to Hope4Kids.  Every city has a need for foster families, guardian ad litem, or funding.  If you have questions you can reach Jeannie at 239-789-1145 and locally you can shop or donate at the Hope Co Resale Store. https://www.facebook.com/Hopeswflthriftstore


What is a Kingdom-driven entrepreneur? Hear from Shae Bynes of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur about a new entrepreneurial model that inspires you to do business yielded and in partnership with our awesome and limitless God!

Featured Guest: Shae Bynes
Ministry/Workplace: Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Power Of Prayer In The Workplace

Millions of Christ followers are asking today, how can I make an impact on my workplace with my faith…and the answer is simple. Complex but simple.  Prayer. Prayer is simply the most powerful, impactful, eventful, insightful and beautiful thing you can do to transform your workplace with your faith…but it doesn’t work like you think it does. When you start to pray for your workplace and those you work alongside at work…who does the changing. God does…but He does it in you first.  I found out first hand that when I started praying for those I worked alongside, they didn’t immediately change but I changed and it impacted them over time. Well Today we head out to Colorado Springs to hear the story of the president of B & M construction who considers herself the Chief Prayer Officer of the company, Barbara Myrick.

Barbara had a praying grandma that took her to church and helped start her journey with Jesus.  As the Chief Prayer Officer and President of B & M Construction she has the opportunity to bring peace to her workplace and the employees.  The company has a second chance program and apprentice program and gives great opportunity for those that need work and skills.  Though these programs can be messy – that is part of living by faith in your work. 

When Barbara realized that her employees are broken from worldy worries and consumed by things like anger, divorce, and financial strain she started having “rap sessions” to talk to the about it.  She began praying for those that shared and found that peace started to fill the workplace.  It’s ok to struggle and share your struggles with others, and prayer can be the healing balm. 

Barbara told us that it’s important for leaders to share their pains to show that they are real people.  Being transparent can bring the leader closer to reality with the employees.  Though many different elements have brought Barabara to where she is today in leading her company, she recently started attending a local C12 group and has found her place.  When she learned about the group she got all warm and fuzzy and her husband told her she needed accountability.  Barbara has found accountability and so much more through her monthly C12 meetings and her one-on-ones with her leader.  Bottom line:  Prayer can be a powerful tool in the workplace and Barbara hopes to inspire others with this message.


Find out the true reason behind God’s blessing you. And discover a new way to take worry OFF of your staff and bless them at the same time.

Featured Guests: Dan Baker, Brian Yost & Asaad Faraj
Ministry/Workplace: Helping Hands Charitable

Ambassadors For Business with G7networking.com

A little over 10 years ago I had the privilege of joining a networking group in Largo Florida.  This networking group impacted my life and many of the group are still my friends today. And this wasn’t a Christ centered group, but it was full of incredible Christian’s living out their faith in their work. Today, the world has changed and we are introducing you today to the premier Christian Networking Group launching countrywide at www.G&Networking.com. Bob Willbanks and his team at Ambassadors for Business have created the perfect model for networking and faith for maximum kingdom impact in the marketplace. There will be opportunities around the country for you to launch a G7 Networking group building kingdom collaboration within your business community. Bob Willbanks is here to roll this out to the iWork4Him Audience.

Bob Willbanks, founder of Ambassadors for Business and now the G7 Networking Groups was looking for something more in connecting his faith and his work.  He thought of himself as “miserably saved” and knew that God wanted more from his daily life.  God gave him the word “equipping” and that became an acronym for the Ambassadors commitment for members of Ambassadors for Business. 

The equipping elements are: 

Engage, Questions, Understanding, Identity, Principles, Purpose, Integrate, Network, and Grow. 

God birthed through him a place to provide encouragement, meet others in business, pray, read scripture, have keynote teaching and networking called Ambassadors for Business.  Now they are launching G7 Networking groups. 

The Seven G’s of G7 Networking:

Gospel: Short devotional

Group: 60 second introductions

Grade: Metrics on how the group is doing

God: Testimony from one of the members

Grow: Informative content that helps you grow

Get: What is your “get”?

Give: Who can you help?

G7 Networking groups can be launched nationwide to fill the need in your local community.  Reach out to Bob to find out more at https://www.g7networking.com/


WiLd Leaders is whole-person leader development. Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr. Daniel Hallak introduce us to their ministry and the WiLD Leader concept, which is a metrics-based intentional leader development model.

Featured Guests: Rob McKenna & Daniel Hallak
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceWiLD LEADERS

Best New Years Resolution Ever

Every year we start off with ridiculous resolutions that never happen. We want to give you a new years resolution that will be easy to keep and it will change your work life. Stay tuned for the best new year show ever as Martha and I roll out the iWork4Him Nation and the plans for expanding iWork4Him from 1 show to 9 shows/podcasts and Introducing the Awaken Podcast Network. A jam packed show in 15 minutes or less…You’ve tuned in to iWork4Him and we are your hosts Jim and Martha Brangenberg…Hang On…

iWork4Him on Kurt & Kate in the Mornings on Moody Radio Florida

So often we start our year with new years resolutions and promises to ourselves to live a different, more meaningful life. Martha and I do that too. In 2021 we want to be interviewed on lots of platforms to encourage the 55 million Christ Following workplace believers to know their work matters to God. We had an opportunity recently to appear on Kurt and Kate in the Mornings on Moody Radio Florida. Andrew was in as a guest host for Kurt. We had a great conversation…check it out.


Communication is a gift from God. Hear from Dr. Teresa Moon about how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real-world application.

Featured Guests: Dr. Teresa Moon
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceInstitute for Cultural Communicators

Mobilizing The Work World For Christ

Martha and I have travelled all over the country and interviewed thousands of workplace believers living out their faith in their work in their own unique calling. One such person is Chuck Proudfit from Cincinnati Ohio. Chuck felt so compelled about living his faith out at work, while working at Proctor and Gamble that he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to equipping Christ Followers just like you to see God’s purpose for you at work. Chuck started At Work on Purpose in 2003 with the mission of mobilizing the work world for Christ, one irresistibly transformed work life at a time.  His ministry has grown to impact much of the greater Cincinnati area and it is to Chuck Proudfit’s credit that the word Biznistry exists and has been repeated hundreds of times on this show.

Check out the Rapid Response Program on their website.

They have developed a Choices Profile to help people make choices on how to bring their faith to work. 

For the Orca Center:

  1.  Co-work in a sub-urban environment, close to where people live.
  2. Keep it simple – the KISS principle
  3. Christians lead and interface

He is helping pastors to understand how to have creative outreach for the church.  Be the church where you are working.  Using Luke 10 – example of service as a guide.  Chuck is a contributor to the iWork4Him Field Manual.


Communication is a gift from God. Hear from Dr. Teresa Moon about how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real-world application.

Featured Guests: Dr. Teresa Moon
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceInstitute for Cultural Communicators

All Good Things Must Come To An End – 2020 Too

Is there ever such a thing as a bad year?  Will 2020 go down in history as one we all want to forget? Does God just sometimes get it wrong?  2020 was a year, the beginning of another decade and the 20th anniversary of a new century but was it all bad?  Notably it was horrible for those who have been sick from covid or impacted by joblessness by industries being shut down from governments but when God gives us lemons, do we make lemonade or just chuck it at someone. This year most of us just wanted to chuck it at someone. Martha and I end this year with the final iWork4Him podcast of the year celebrating, contemplating and casting a vision for 2021 – a year of promise.


Can our workplace be a God-connection for others? It sure can. Find the what, when, why and how a corporate chaplain can be the love of Christ to your employees.

Featured Guests: Chris Champion & Clint Phillips
Ministry/Workplace: Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA)